Measure Mobile Requirements

Native Apps

Measure Mobile is available as a native app in the Apple App Store and Google Play. See those stores for details about requirements specific to those platforms.

Web App

Measure Mobile is a web-based flooring estimate application which requires an Internet connection.

It is designed to create estimates primarily for retail jobs on-site using your iPhone or Android devices. You can measure rooms, place product in those rooms, view seams and cuts for roll products, and generate a proposal for the job that may be e-mailed to the customer.

Measure Mobile is not a replacement for the PC version of Measure. Handheld devices are limited in screen size and performance, so Measure Mobile includes only the basic functions needed to perform a retail estimate. If you want to create more complex project estimates, you can edit your files using the PC version of Measure. This requires that you are using the latest version of Measure available for your PC and that you have an active subscription. You can find out more about the PC version of Measure by visiting

Measure Mobile is designed primarily for the following mobile phones:

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and Android 2.1+ phones.

Measure Mobile will likely also run acceptably on these devices and browsers:

iPad, Android 2.1+ tablets, plus the Desktop Safari and Chrome under both Windows and Mac. It is also possible that this web app will function under Windows Internet Explorer 9. Because these platforms are not the base design forms for usage and functionality, the appearance on these systems may not meet the exact design requirements of the primary devices designed for Measure Mobile.